Great entrepreneurs have always been able to identify problems and solve them. The typical business model has traditionally involved solving problems for consumers and reaping the financial reward of their gratitude.

The truth is, the great minds behind innovative products and intriguing services are the perfect people to solve the larger problems that face society. Minds that are trained to identify problems and think creatively about solutions can be just as successful at improving the quality of life for marginalized people not just people with the means to purchase goods and services.

Social Enterprise tackles the world’s greatest problems in financially sustainable ways, building a business that can eventually employ people in the satisfying work of impacting their communities, cultures and the world for good.

If you have been successful in a traditional business, but have found yourself feeling unfulfilled, you may not be living to your greatest potential. It may be time to tackle bigger problems and work for change you can be proud in.

If you are already engaged in a social enterprise, but you feel isolated and ineffective, you may need to find a community that shares your vision. Having like-minded individuals to collaborate and brainstorm with is invaluable in maintaining your motivation and increasing your impact.

Please contact us to find out about our Philadelphia based coworking and event space. The community of creative, passionate entrepreneurs who are actively working to make a difference will inspire and encourage you. We believe that connecting Social Enterprise superstars will create an even greater world-wide impact, and you can be a part of that.