It can be hard as a female entrepreneur, especially as a mom of small children. You are expected to raise your children while building a successful home business. Many women are able to work a part-time business around their children and some even attempt to work full-time while their children are small. It takes hard work and dedication.
Here are some tips for working at home with small children.

* Utilize times when your children are sleeping. Figure out when you work best. You may need to get up an hour or so before they do or stay up after you put them to bed. Also, be prepared to use their nap times wisely. Make all of your phone calls during this time since you probably can’t do that early in the morning or late at night.
* Utilize time when they play quietly. Some children are really good at playing by themselves certain times of the day or with certain toys. Get those toys out when you need to work on certain projects or just be prepared to work when you see that your children are playing quietly. Grab your tablet and take it to the park where they play nicely, if that works for your children.
* Hire a babysitter or use child care when necessary. Even if you decided to work from home to save on those costs, there are going to be times when you are just going to need the extra help with your children. There is nothing wrong with that. They will probably also enjoy the interaction that they will get there with either the other adults or children.
* Hire extra help during busy times. If your business takes off, you might be able to afford some help so that you can enjoy your family a little more. Delegate some tasks that you don’t like to do or don’t want to do so that you can enjoy time with your family.

Working at home with small kids can be hard. You really have to plan out your time so that you can utilize times that they are sleeping or playing nicely. You should also hire help for your children or your business if needed. You are a busy woman and deserve the help.
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