Working as a freelancer offers a myriad of benefits, including being your own boss, setting your own hours, and typically, working in a field that fulfills a passion. However, freelancers can also become lonely and apathetic toward the broader world without the opportunity to participate in a professional community.

What if you could work in an environment where you’re still setting your own rules and professional goals, but you also have the opportunity to interact with other professionals and band together to improve your community and the larger world while benefiting your own business?

In a growing world market, more and more people are working on a freelance and remote basis, but those who crave the daily interaction and collaboration with others can benefit from services that provide rentable workspace.

Members can attend local events to build community amongst peers and fellow professionals.

  • Pitch & Brew, where members work together to brainstorm solutions
  • Scholarship program events
  • The “Riter’s Wroom,” where writers can gather to inspire one another
  • Other events–you can even host your own!

These events will not only benefit your own freelancing business, but will allow you to help others grow as well, and together, you can engage with like-minded professionals and drive positive change in the Philadelphia community.

Whether you’ve been working as a freelancer for some time and are seeking to broaden your business environment, or you’re about to take the leap into freelancing and might miss the daily social interaction of an office environment, don’t hesitate–contact us today.