The landscape of business ethic is constantly evolving to harbor and understand the concerns of consumers. Social impact is a new form of ethos for those who are more business oriented. While maintaining a money oriented stance defines the numbers and outcome, utilizing social impact provides higher numbers and greater outcome.

Small businesses are known for their communal concern. Communities are the fabric that bonds business and consumer interest. For entrepreneurs, there must be a starting point along the road of their strategies that seamlessly incorporates the two. This guarantees long view success of the business and sets the entrepreneur apart from other businesses, instilling healthy competition, and an active economic market.

Impact investing, where non-profits are focused and funneled into socially responsible efforts and technological enterprises, emerges as a determining factor in the achievements of organizations and corporations.

Impact Hub Philadelphia is a safe space that prizes itself on businesses, activists, and professionals coming together in order to brainstorm on investments as well as social outreach programs.

With the surge of technology, the desire to improve the world is reaching across every social sphere. Impact Hub Philadelphia understands these missions and encourages that their space is used to collaborate on revolutionary fundamentals while creating simple solutions.

The community members of Impact Hub Philadelphia are passionately diverse, evolving to meet the demands of its members. Artistic vision accompanied with a spatial ambiance produces a friendly atmosphere for all ages.

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